Turner Middle School ID Badge Policy

Student ID badges will be provided to every middle school student in grades 6-8. EVERY middle school student must wear their ID badge at all times while on school grounds. Identification of staff and students is a safety issue and will not be compromised when it comes to safety of students and staff. ID badges help us in identifying students as well as trespassers.

* Students will be issued their first ID badge and lanyard at no cost to them.

* The badge will be used for identification, lunch card, and library card.

* Lost, stolen, altered, damaged, and defaced ID badges must be replaced IMMEDIATELY.

* Lost or defaced ID badges will be replaced at the student’s expense, for a cost of $5. (if needed, a replacement lanyard would be an additional $1) These can be purchased in Mr. Celestine’s office before school, during lunch, or after school ONLY.

* Student ID badges must be visible at all times, on the front of the student located somewhere between the neck and waist area.

* The ID badge is not to be drawn on, be covered with stickers, or defaced in any way that hides the photo, the name, or damage the barcode. Student ID badges are the property of Turner Middle School, and may be taken up at any time for improper use or defacement.

* If a student is wearing a jacket, the badge and lanyard must be on the outside of the jacket and visible.

* Teachers will do an ID check at the beginning of first period class. For a student who does not have his/her ID badge, they will adhere to the following procedures:

* Using the classroom phone, the student will contact his/her parent to get someone to bring the ID badge

* The teacher will issue the student a one-day temporary badge for the day. A temporary badge will cost $1. The temporary ID badge must be dated.

* At the end of the day, the last period/7th period teachers will collect all temporary badge and destroy them prior to class dismissal.


Incentives for wearing school-issued ID badges:

* Students wearing ID badges go through the lunch lines first.

* Are allowed out of the classroom with hall pass for personal needs (i.e. library, locker needs, restroom, etc.)

* Are permitted to attend school pep rallies/assemblies

* Are eligible to participate in morning announcements

* May have the option of dining on the new patio area during lunch/recess time

* May have the choice of your seat in the cafeteria at lunchtime

* Can attend club meetings or visit the library before school

* Can check out books at any time (without an ID, students are not afforded this privilege

Consequences for not displaying/possessing ID badge

1st Violation – Phone call home by Administrator

2nd Violation – Lunch Detention

3rd Violation – One Day After School Detention (ASD)

4th Violation – Two Days ASD

5th Violation – One Saturday School Detention (SSD)

6th Violation – Two Days SSD

7th Violation – One Day In-School Suspension (ISS)

Subsequent Violations will result in assignment of multiple days of ISS or Out-of-School Suspension (OSS)