Daily Temperature Check

Students will get their temperature checked daily in their homeroom class. If their temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher, they will have to wait about 5-10 minutes to be re-scanned. After second reading of 100.4 degrees, that child will have to call their parents to immediately pick them up. After a phone call is made, the teacher will disinfect any area the child has been in contact with and that child will be escorted to room T-8, where an adult will provide supervision until the parent arrives. This action is only taken if the child’s temperature is high upon arrival.
Students with temperatures higher than 100.4 or who experience symptoms during the day MUST use the classroom phone to contact the parent to be taken home. The teacher will sanitize the phone as soon as the child completes the call and immediately contact the front office to indicate a parent is coming. To avoid further exposure, that child will remain in the current static group until the parent arrives and then exit the outer doors. If the parent cannot be reached or is unable to pick the child up, that child will have to remain in T-8 until someone can pick him/her up. That child should not be placed on the bus and should remain in that static group in T-8 until his/her departure.

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